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HC Resources services team provides expertise in all aspects of geological and geostatistical modelling applicable to exploration and mining. We provide an integrated approach to assessing and using data, defining geological controls on mineralization, applying appropriate techniques for Mineral Resource and Ore Reserve estimation and validating mineable resource models using appropriate grade control and reconciliation practices.

We take a hands-on approach to assessing our clients' projects to ensure that our estimates of resources and reserves are based on a thorough geological understanding and current industry best practices.

Resources and Reserves Services

Our understanding of mining techniques and mineral economics has been cultivated from extensive experience around the world in a broad range of commodities. Our practical operational experience allows us to develop models based on sound geological knowledge, robust techniques and relevant mining styles.

We integrate mine planning, mining geology, grade control and geometallurgy into our modelling practices. We are experts at profiling the risks and profitability in estimating and extracting resources. Our Resources services include:

  • Review of mapping, logging, sampling, sample preparation and assaying procedures
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QAQC) of data
  • Geological interpretation and 3D modelling
  • Geostatistical analysis, variography and kriging using linear and non-linear methods
  • Evaluation of mining, dilution, ore loss, recovery and mineral processing aspects
  • Mineral Resource and Ore Reserve estimation, validation and classification
  • Reporting in accordance with international codes such as JORC (2012), KCMI and NI 43-101
  • Risk analysis, auditing and review of resources and reserves.

Data Management Services

We ensure database management and data extraction are based on a thorough understanding of our client’s needs. This understanding enables HC to provide the very best data management solutions, tools and workflows for each client for all stages of the project, from conceptual through exploration to production. Our ability to leverage on clients’ existing systems and train current staff ensures that the highest level of integrity and quality are maintained for arguably your most important asset, your data.

Our data services include the following:

  • Data collection and geological procedures
  • Validation of geological data and maps
  • Data auditing, validation and QA of data

Quality Assurance & Quality Control for Exploration and Mining samples

HC set up the professional team and apply excellent sampling protocol and QAQC program start from samples taken out from inner tube core drilling, ROM pile, outcrops and others type of samples, through assaying at laboratory, until exploration database. The sampling protocol and QAQC program cover every stage as follow:

Sample preparation stage are free from contamination, spilled out and mixed up and ensure security of sample storage. Selected QC samples (duplicate, blank and standard samples) are inserted since the first sample reduction and quality of final product of (pulp) samples are guarantee.

The selected commercial lab for assaying samples has quality management system certifications (ISO 17025 and ISO 9001:2008). Furthermore, the lab use accurate and precise instruments and excellent protocol, and available for clients assessments such as result of CRM (Certified Reference Material) and calibration monitoring including detection limit.

We can set up external check lab to the certified laboratory as the secondary laboratory. We guarantee all the assay data is properly stored, protected from the mix up and inaccessible by unauthorized parties

Data Visualization & Analytics

Visualization and analysis of field observations and geochemical results is of the highest priority in all stages of project development. To assist in streamlining this process we can help you implement workflows, many of which are automated, allowing your geoscientists access to data as soon as it becomes available.

This is possible, as once results have passed the quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) processes, outputs can be automated and made available in exploration and mining software some of which include spatial datasets, plans, sections, 3D plots and statistical QC charts.

Our data visualization services include the following:

  • Spatial project datasets, geoprocessing tasks and Web Mapping
  • QC charting and approval processes
  • 2D and 3D visualization outputs
  • Cartography and GIS Drafting


Our experienced team offers clients authoritative advice on the implementation of data management solutions best suited to particular project, people, working environment, schedules and budgeting requirements. Our consultants can also provide the necessary skills development and training to optimize the use of these solutions.

All training offered assumes a basic knowledge of subject matter and the use of the client’s project specific data. We offer one-on-one mentoring and specialized courses such as those listed below.

  • GIS for Geoscientists
  • Data Visualization 2D/3D
  • Geological Modelling and Wireframing
  • Geostatistical analysis and QA/QC
  • Sampling Theory and Practices

If you have a specific training need that isn’t listed above please contact us to discuss customized training for any of the services we specialize in.

Our Services