Our Services

HC Mining services team provides effective expert evaluation, planning, review, development advice and solutions for surface mines. We have experience across a wide spectrum of mineral commodities and diverse physical environments, delivering practical results with technical excellence. We identify and investigate appropriate concepts for project development and support our clients at every stage of the mining cycle.

We provide specialist mining experts who are practical, hands-on mining industry professionals able to work closely with corporate management and on-site personnel. We have the commercial skills to ensure that corporate goals are taken into account during each stage of review, planning and operations.

Our project improvement process is focused on enhancing the viability of resource projects, and thereby increasing profitability, through the implementation of proven practices and technological innovations. We add value by assisting mine sites to accurately delineate ore and waste; correctly plan and schedule material movements; effectively mine ore and waste; and optimize metal production.

Our Mining services include:

  • Mining and engineering studies (concept to feasibility)
  • Reserve assessment reviews
  • Mine optimization, scheduling and design
  • Ore Reserve estimation and reporting
  • Grade control and reconciliation
  • Productivity improvement & project management.

Mine Design

HC mine design service encompasses life of mine starting from long term (or entire pit design) to short term pit design for short period production report or production progress.

We can control the production progress in line with the ore distribution comply with mining operational, economic and environmental aspect supported by mining software engine SURPAC for mine design, in-pit resource computation, initial mine planning and conceptual pit design with 3D visualization. This output will give the client or mining contractor an idea to prepare the most appropriate equipment selection and fleet controlled by the production target, cumulative stripping ratio, and hauling road distance.

We combine an experience gained through evaluation to complete this jobs satisfy, not just displayed as mathematical model or excellent picture but it will be applicable in the field as nature.

Mine Planning

HC is able to provide and guarantee the quality and quantity of material during mining production. This framework will be represented by an entire mine planning and in order to optimize the grade and tonnage to maintain the mine life. The comprehensive study combined with equipment selection and pit design will give the client low risk for ores getting dilution.

The mine schedule will deliver correct quality of material with the right grade at the right time and with a minimum of variability on stockpile. The output will be able to have an efficient mining. With our experience, we can advise the best option for the scheduling product presenting in your project.

Mine Operation and Grade Control Management

Mining operation is highly require precise and careful planning, performance feedback, and integration across multiple aspect of production. Leading mining companies realize that they must maximize returns from existing resources through more effective operations management if they are to obtain desired growth.

HC provide assistance for open cut mining operations with provide both long-term planning and operations management assistance. Detailed activity allowing planning team to conduct what-if analysis on proposed design with high qualify geologists and engineers to ensure and enhance day-to-day mining production operations, providing a tool for short term design objectives and performance improvement.

  • Mining Operation management solutions including:
  1. Mining Sequence of operations: Model operations from existing SURPAC designs; safety benches, model shafts, drifts, ramps, mine haul roads, pit roads, pocket ponds, land preparation for rehabilitation program.
  2. Efficient what-if analysis: Test a range of layout and production alternatives, analyze their performance, all in a risk can delay mine operations.
  3. Integrate: Combine mine design with operational scheduling to create the ultimate planning environment, leave nothing to chance.
  4. Good mining practice: implementation step by step good mining practices in line with exploration, environmental health and safety, production, ore conservation and community developments.
  • Grade Control

HC has strong operational experiences and technical backgrounds and employing a multitude of mining methods, exploiting and extracting nickel ore in laterite. We combine and take into account in develop the methodology focuses on pit optimization to determine the cut-off strategy, economic mining depth, size and scale of operation. We have a motto “to guarantee the quality of ore from pit face through stockpile”.

We divide the grade control sampling in mining as grade control sampling and production sampling. For grade control sampling, it will include stripping sampling, face mining, top ore, and special check sampling. In production sampling, it covers ETO and EFO sampling.

Mine Infrastructure

The development objective of the Mining Infrastructure Project are to facilitate investment in infrastructure to support mining and downstream processing activities, regardless of funding source, and to build local capacity to prepare and transact infrastructure projects. HC has an integrated approach to delivering infrastructure for mining projects. From mine concept to mine closure, the HC mining and infrastructure teams work closely with client to provide an extensive range of services.

Mine Safety Management

Setting up the layout and design of mining infrastructure in accordance with production plans, equipment specification, security and safety aspects with reference to the common standard used in the mining.

Create a budget estimate of mining infrastructure, construction & monitoring of the implementation of infrastructure development which include the suitability of design with the construction, health safety and environmental work, as well as correspondence between the function, safety and esthetics of built infrastructure.

Our Services